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"Katsocial? never heard of
you guys.."

Well that's us...just a collaborative group of talented freelancers seeking to make people feel better about their brand & business.

Pricing transparency

Oh, have we not mentioned what we offer?

We don't want to waste your time or ours so we've made pricing & services visible here on our site, you decide if you're all in or not.

Have a pricing specific question? We're always down to be flexible, just send us a dm or email!

"Social media management, design, photography, and websites?" Yep.

basic-premium social management: starts at $250 and upwards to $650 (the more the merrier) 

simple graphic: $35 per design

logo: $450 per design

extra logo layout: $250 per design

business cards: $250 per design

base photo price: $125 (this is the price for us to come to you or any location you desire)

events/portraits/etc: $35 per photo

websites: starts at $1,000 (I mean.. are you seeing this site?)

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@thekatsocial - our platform for showcasing social media management at it's finest, with a little bit of Kat's flair.




@katrinaoseguera - view some designs, a sneak peak into my latest web design projects, a little bit of coffee, some sick beats, and my life.




@2.dimensional.conceptual - yup, that's me! feel free to browse my style whether it's design, web design, or all things designer.


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